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Meet the Founder: Embracing Adventure with Sundfœrr’s Anita Richardson

We’re excited to introduce the first in our Meet The Founder series, small business owner Anita Richardson. Anita is the heart and soul of Sundfœrr, an innovative new brand offering adventure robes made from 100% recycled materials.

Her journey, from starting her business, overcoming the inevitable challenges, to now nurturing and growing her brand and dreaming of an even brighter future is inspiring to anyone looking to launch their own business. 


Could you share with us your story? We’d love to find out more about your personal journey, your background, and the experiences which have led you to this moment. 

Hi there! I’m Anita the founder of Sundfœrr. My journey to discovering a passion for outdoor adventure and sustainable living began on the beautiful coastline of the North Norfolk coast, where I spent my childhood exploring, foraging and learning about our unique wild landscapes. With three children of my own, I have loved sharing my experiences with them and giving them an appreciation of exploring and experiencing the beauty of changing season and landscapes we have in the UK.


Could you walk us through your journey of starting your brand, Sundfœrr? What was that “aha” moment like for you?

The idea for Sundfœrr was sparked during one of my many visits my Norfolk homeland. After a day of samphire foraging, mud sliding and kayaking through the marshes, with some very worn-out cold children, the “aha” moment struck me. I had seen changing robes for adult surfers and though how there was a need for premium-quality, sustainable changing robes for both children and adults. I wanted to encourage people to be outdoors whatever the weather, knowing that being cold is a huge turn off for most. I soon realised how I could provide an Adventure robe not just for wild adventures, but the everyday mundane, like dog walking, shopping trips, evenings outdoors, basically anywhere you got cold, wet or muddy!  A changing robe that not only keep adventurers warm and dry but also become their companion for any outdoor activities.


We’d love to hear more about the inspirations behind the brand. Are there any stories, people, or experiences that really lit the spark for you?

My inspirations behind the brand, first came from wanting to create a sustainable brand, there will only be a beautiful planet to explore if we take care of it. So ethically crafted outdoor wear is central to Sundfœrr. Along with an understanding of how adventuring can have its uncomfortable moments, like wet, cold unhappy children (and adults). But using a changing robe takes that issue away. Straight from the beach or football pitch, adults and kids can throw on their robe to get home. No more muddy/wet cars or standing in the boot trying to get changed in privacy!


The name Sundfœrr, is Old Icelandic, meaning ‘to be able to swim’ I wanted to use a name that came with connections to Norfolk’s deep history – Norfolk means North Folk, which came from when they were invaded by the Vikings. It also helps that Sundfœrr sounds like Sun and Fur, with connotations of being warm and inspiring bravery to overcome the elements.

How does your brand reflect your personality or personal values? Are there any special touches you’ve added that you’re particularly proud of?

Sundfoerr reflects my belief in the importance of sustainability and quality craftsmanship. Each robe is meticulously designed with attention to detail, using eco-friendly materials and ethical production practices. I’m particularly proud of our commitment to minimising waste by creating robes with enduring versatility, unlike the throwaway fashion prevalent in the industry.


Starting a business is no small feat, particularly in today’s climate. What hurdles have you faced since launching?

Like any entrepreneur, I’ve encountered my fair share of challenges along the way. From navigating the complexities of sourcing sustainable materials to establishing our brand presence in a competitive market, however, every hurdle has been an opportunity for growth and learning especially in the sphere of social media marketing!


Many small businesses are very much a family affair, and we know yours play a big part in Sundfœrr! How do you find working so closely with your loved ones?

Working alongside my family has been both rewarding and challenging. While there are inevitable moments of disagreement, our shared passion for Sundfœrr and our collective vision for the brand have brought us closer together.

Because we have always been a family who looks for the path less trodden, and seeking adventure that’s on our doorstep, its enabled us to create a brand that is warm, authentic, with a genuine passion for the outdoor lifestyle.

Who do you dream of seeing use Sundfœrr products? Do you have a particular person or type of customer in mind?

I envision Sundfœrr being embraced by any fellow outdoor enthusiasts who share our love for adventure, sustainability, and enduring outdoor wear. Whether it’s surfers, open water swimmers, a family enjoying a beach picnic at sunset, I dream of seeing Sundfœrr robes enriching the lives of those who love the beauty of the great outdoors and will be able to enjoy it more by staying warm, dry and very cosy in our fleece lined, waterproof robes.


Making a difference often drives entrepreneurs. In what ways do you hope your brand will impact your community or the world at large?

At Sundfœrr, we’re committed to making a positive impact on both our community and the planet. By promoting sustainable practices and ethical production, we hope to inspire others to embrace mindful consumption and care of the environment. Additionally, we strive to support local initiatives and organisations that share our values and vision for a better, more sustainable future. We have already been contacted by a diverse range of groups from rugby teams to mental health groups, to exclusive spa resorts. Its inspiring to see so many people understanding the benefits of being outdoors for physical and mental wellbeing and with a desire for brands like ours that are eco-friendly.


Where do you hope to take Sundfœrr in 2024? Are there any particular goals or milestones you’re hoping to achieve?

In 2024, I envision Sundfœrr continuing to grow and evolve as a leading brand in the outdoor adventure community. Our goals include expanding our product line to offer even more sustainable and innovative solutions for outdoor enthusiasts, while also deepening our commitment to environmental issues and community engagement.


What would be your advice to anyone looking to start their own business?

My advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to stay true to your passion and vision, even in the face of challenges. Surround yourself with a supportive network of mentors, collaborators, and loved ones who believe in your dreams and can provide guidance and encouragement along the way. And most importantly, never underestimate the power of perseverance and resilience, there are good weeks and bad weeks, but every setback is an opportunity to learn, grow, and ultimately succeed!


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