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Client Case Study: MelaVie Beauty

At Blackline, we’ve been fortunate to partner with dynamic new brands like MelaVie, allowing us to showcase our expertise in the realms of photography, marketing and content creation for small businesses.

MelaVie founder and pharmaceutical scientist Amina Aden had a clear proposition for her brand: to produce accessible science-backed skincare, specially formulated for those with melanin-blessed skin.

Born from her own experiences, Amina has created a brand that caters to a significantly underrepresented demographic in mainstream skincare. 

A recent report by Mintel found that 63% of women of colour believe that the beauty industry pays less attention to their needs compared to other groups. This perception is largely due to the lack of diversity in product offerings and marketing representation, something that has been constantly top of mind throughout this collaboration.

When we first partnered with MelaVie, we took the brand’s visions and values and transformed them into a visual and linguistic representation, enriching an online presence that spoke to the heart of the audience. We studied the market niche, understanding the specific needs and desires of our target audience to capture their attention genuinely. Our marketing approach couples captivating visuals and influencer-driven marketing to create a distinctive identity for MelaVie in the skincare sector.

Our content creation for MelaVie is centered around storytelling; promoting the brand’s unique narrative to engage, connect and build credibility among its audience. For MelaVie, the story is about empowering individuals with melanin-blessed skin to embrace their natural beauty with confidence. Our collaboration has allowed us to provide enriching content that simultaneously educates the audience about skincare and the science behind it, while also shedding light on Amina’s inspiration behind the brand.

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