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2024 Design Trend Predictions

Every year I can guarantee that an industry as fast moving as design will continue to challenge and surprise me. Read on for my predicted design trends of 2024 and a brief look at all that lies ahead…


We all know the first words out of anybody’s mouth these days goes something like, ‘Blah blah blah A.I, blah blah Generative A.I,’ but it’s only because it’s a band wagon worth jumping on.

Image retouching is a time consuming and fiddly process, but Photoshop’s Generative Fill function is an everyday asset to any designer. Although the function can sometimes yield misguided and bizarre results, there’s no denying it’s a big time saver. Adobe are currently turning their attention to developing tools that will predict, ‘what a user wants to draw’ as well as an image compositing feature for the not too distant future.


3D is having a moment and there’s a lot of fun to be had with it. Whereas once it was a specialist discipline, its recent accessibility has captured the attention of the creative community resulting in a number of beautiful and surreal outcomes.

Interest in virtual reality and the ability to create convincing physical worlds continues to filter down into all arenas of art and design. The possibilities are many, icons, illustrations and type are just the start. Adding dimension feels playful, fresh and grabs attention.


This trend serves as a foil to the polish of A.I generated imagery that seems to dominate the current visual landscape. Child like doodles and illustrations inject personality into brands and a sense of humanity. A hand scrawled message stands out against the precision of pixel perfect typefaces. This approach is popular as a means of softening the image of ‘serious’ companies within the realms of finance and tech, that could otherwise be perceived as intimidating or sterile.

Picasso famously said “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Naivety in design, strikes a chord of nostalgia and is as beguiling to us as ever before.


Not so much a 2024 design trend as the creative industry’s collective conscience. Looking at ways we can be sustainable, innovative and reduce waste within design is more important than ever before. This is especially relevant within print and packaging mediums. On the social impact side, working with clients who have objectives that aim to improve or benefit society is always a rewarding experience. The messages we are spreading and giving traction to within design deserves our consideration.

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