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High Grade Coffee: A Small Business Scaling Up for a Big Future

Small Business: Scaling Up.

Think big, be brave, scale up and smell the coffee.

Meet Liam and Stevie. Brick Lane based purveyors of London’s finest coffee, High Grade. The small batch, in-house roasting, single origin, genuine, always high-grade speciality coffee is made easy and accessible to all. Putting the silky sales pitch aside, it’s seriously good coffee.

But what makes these guys special is their ambition. Look close enough, and behind this debonair duo is their future, looming large. The big, bold, beautiful Bellwether Coffee. And yes, it’s a coffee roaster. And it means that these guys can scale up from their bijou Brick Lane 80sqft café.

“It turns us from a start-up to a scale-up almost overnight."

“It allows us to expand our model into a wholesale offering. Increased retail and online selling are also now possible. The other benefit is that we can do all the extra bits of business in our current setting without investing in the specific requirement of opening a centralised roastery. We can now repeat this model to match the increased demand for our new model. Open in a new location as a micro roastery with a cafe frontage. The roaster on your doorstep.”

And the winner is you, the customer, because founders like Liam and Stevie do what they do to create something unique and bring you something better than the big bland brands can.

So, befriend a founder, sponsor a small business, support them and help them make something beautiful you never knew you needed but now can’t do without.

If you’re just starting out or ready to turn your start-up in to a scale-up, drop us a line to discuss how we can support you and your business with our subscription services.

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