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Tell Your Story. We Want To Hear It

Why do small businesses need to tell their story?

Your valiant efforts to offer customers something unique are being enveloped by big business. Consumers are told, sold, and cajoled into believing and buying from big businesses before you can identify, reach and connect with them. Once connected, these big brand behemoths have the power to offer cost and convenience efficiencies not available to you.

But small business, we need and want you, we really do. We need quality. We need innovation. We need choice. And we love your personalised, friendly, honest service.

But we can’t see you. We can’t hear you. You might even be on our doorstep, in our neighbourhood, in a town just a few miles away, or, as importantly, a click and quick drive or 48-hour delivery away. You need to be heard and seen. Tell us your brand story.

We need to hear your story of what motivated you to make these wonderful things and why they are the best. Tell us your brand story.

And here’s the irony. Most of you have a story. And if humans love anything, it’s a good story. You are unique. You have decided to do what you do because you have a skill, method, recipe, style, and way of doing things different from the norm, and you want to share your uniqueness and give your customers a memory that matters and makes a difference. They will tell others, who will tell others too if you tell them your brand story.

We love your hand-crafted, beautifully designed, tasty, limited edition, exclusive, planet-friendly “thingamabobs” and unrivalled, super-skilled, silky-smooth services that are bespoke, unique, and bring unbridled joy to our lives.

We met a founder recently who suffered trauma in her childhood. She left school, became a scientist, and created a solution. It worked for her, so she shared it with friends, and it also worked for them. So, after several years of testing and manufacturing, she’s now able to share her cure (and brand and product!) with as many people as she can so they, too, can benefit and not suffer the trauma she did.

What a story. There are thousands of you across these shores who have an idea, an innovation, or inspiration to share with others so they, too, can enjoy life. You need to put some thought into your storytelling. Tell us your brand story.

Because, in simple terms, that’s what branding really is – The ability to tell stories. So, create stories about you, your journey, your customers and how you solved their problems. Be authentic, honest and real. People buy from people. People buy from people who have a purpose, true purpose. Not large organisational twaddle purpose.

Once you have your story, figure out how to tell it and tell it well.

Your ability to tell stories is your unique advantage over your chain competitors. You have a true personality.  A real purpose. So, let’s find some listeners.

If you would like some help unlocking your story and a team to help you develop it and tell it, check out our subscription services or drop us a line.

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